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DQ200 DSG 7 Mechatronic Oil

DSG 7 Mechatronic Oil

Double clutch, also known as DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox), is an automatic transmission that can change gears faster than other gear transmissions. The dual clutch transmission provides more power and better control than traditional automatic and manual transmission systems.  

Fault indicators (error codes) DSG7 DQ200 mechatronics

(VW 06079) P17BF
(VAG 006079/10902/10903) P17BF
Malfunction in hydraulic pump
(VW 06300) P189C
(VAG 006300) P189C
Limited performance due to insufficient pressure rise; Game protection (unfair space enable/disable)

DSG7 DQ 200

00:00 until 2013 0CW since 2014

0 BM

Dual Clutch Transmission, which was first introduced to the market by Volkswagen (DSG) and Audi (S-Tronic), later began to be used by automotive manufacturers such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW and Porsche. DGS Transmission Provides a Much Higher Level of Comfort Compared to Manual Transmission Vehicles, as it allows the vehicle to shift gears quickly and does not cause power loss.
At the same time, it brings very low fuel consumption. For this reason, DSG Transmission Vehicles appear as a very good alternative for those who do not want the driving fatigue of manual transmission, but who also worry about the performance problems in vehicles with automatic transmission.
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