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"Sustainable Quality, Endless Performance: FDY Automotive Spare Parts"

As FDY Automotive, we specialize in helping car enthusiasts maximize their performance. We produce designed reinforced pressure tubes. This high speed we developed especially for vehicles with DSG 7 transmission type. quality pressure tubes are designed to make your ride smoother and more powerful

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"Our company, with its 26 years of experience and expert staff, improves the performance and performance of Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda vehicles. It produces high quality spare parts, aiming to increase its durability. Always focus on customer satisfaction We see this as our point and encourage innovation by using the latest technologies. A sustainable success in the sector and "We aim to be a brand known for reliability."


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"Forward Safely on the Road: FDY Automotive Spare Parts Solutions"



FDY Otomotiv took the first steps of its establishment in 1997. In those years, the automotive industry was undergoing a dynamic evolution. FDY Automotive has set out by prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction since its establishment. The first five years were spent with dedication and perseverance. The foundations of the company were laid and steps were taken to strengthen its place in the industry.

When 2003 came, FDY Automotive entered a growth period. It expanded into new markets, expanded its product range and diversified its customer portfolio. During this period, the company's investment in qualified human resources and technology increased. In this way, the rapidly changing demands in the automotive industry were adapted.

In 2009, FDY Automotive further emphasized the importance it attaches to innovation and technology. Environmentally friendly products and sustainable production principles were adopted. During this period, he started to make a name for himself in the international arena. In order to survive in the competitive environment in the global market, quality standards have been raised to the highest level.

In 2015, digital transformation became a focus for FDY Automotive. Production and management processes were optimized with smart production systems, data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. Customer experience has become more personalized through digital platforms. The company has strengthened its leadership position in the digital field in line with its sustainable growth targets.

Today, FDY Automotive is in a leading position in the sector with its 26 years of experience. It acts in line with the principles of sustainability, innovation and global impact for the future. It carries out studies on electric and autonomous vehicle technologies and invests in green energy sources. It directs the future of the automotive industry by offering safe, environmentally friendly and smart mobility solutions to its customers.

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