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DSG7 DQ 200 Accumulator

DSG7 DQ 200 Pressure Tube

DSG7 .03 Repair Kit Allows You to Repair DSG 7 (OAM, OCW DQ200) Series Gearboxes with “Dry Clutch” in Case of Pressure Problems. Pressure Loss Occurs as a Result of Cracks or Structural Deterioration (Loss of Sealing) in the Area Where the Battery is Connected to the Valve Body. Repair with FDY AUTOMOTIVE Kit does not require replacement of the Mechatronic Plate. The Cup Is Fixed With Standard Screws To Fix The Plate To The Mechatronic Body.

Fault indicators (error codes) DSG7 DQ200 mechatronics

(VW 06079) P17BF (VAG 006079/10902/10903) P17BF

Malfunction in Hydraulic Pump

(VW 06300) P189C
(VAG 006300) P189C
Limited performance due to insufficient pressure rise; Game protection (unfair space enable/disable)

DSG7 DQ 200

00:00 until 2013 0CW since 201400:00 until 2013 0CW since 2014

0 BM


Repair kit includes: – Hydraulic accumulator – 1 pc. – Cup (adapter) – 1 piece. – O-ring – 2 pcs. Special mounting key must be ordered separately. (given FREE for every 10 DSG 7.03 repair kits) The kit successfully eliminates the “P17BF problem”* common to the DSG 7 transmission


– Compatible with all types of automatic transmissions of the DSG7 DQ200 series – in most cases, repair is possible without removing the mechatronics from the vehicle, for replacement it is sufficient to unscrew the tray – eliminates the reoccurrence of cracks in the connection, as in the case of simply replacing the valve body plate – fast, simple and reliable installation process – allows you to restore mechatronic functionality even with a damaged hydraulic accumulator threaded fastener – installation does not require additional changes and settings – no need to disassemble and replace the original hydraulic plate


– VW 06079 GENERIC P17BF – VAG 006079/10902DSG 7 – VW 06079 GENERIC P17BF – VAG 006079/10902DSG 7 DQ200 fault indicators /10903, P17BF, Hydraulic Pump: Game Protectionс – VW 06300 GENERIC P189C – VAG 006300, P189C, limited performance due to insufficient pressure rise – P1895 – limited performance due to pressure drop

Battery failure in Mechatronics DSG 7 DQ200 Working principle:

In the mechatronics DSG 7, a hydraulic pump pushes oil through a filter and into a hydraulic accumulator, which maintains oil pressure in the system when the pump is off.

The walls of the housing at the connection point of the accumulator are too thin, which leads to the formation of cracks, loss of pressure in the system and failure of the mechatronics itself.

Replacing the valve body is a complex and expensive job that does not guarantee that there will be no failures in the future. Attempts to save money by purchasing cheap analogues of the valve body lead to unnecessary risks and loss of money.

Our unique repair kit allows you to completely repair a broken valve stem.

In most cases, the mechatronics module can be removed in a garage and the automatic transmission repaired on site.

If such a possibility is excluded, our solution is simpler and more reliable than replacing the valve body plate, which requires complete disassembly of the mechatronics.

No programming required before or after installing the repair kit.

The hydraulic accumulator is installed in the damaged housing and completely restores the mechatronic hydraulic system.

After repair, the pressure in the system is restored, completely normalizing the operation of mechatronics.

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